GSoC 2009: Python support for Anjuta

My task this summer for my Google Summer of Code (2009) project for the GNOME organisation would be to work on adding Python support to the great Anjuta IDE. Anjuta has been thus far excellent in its area of specialisation, i.e. C/C++ projects. Now with my initiative and the great people working at Anjuta, viz. Johannes Schidt, Sebastien Granjoux etc., Anjuta shall be on its way to become a full fledged Python IDE, one that GNOME users would use for their Python based projects.

Key features of having such a support are:
* Template and Building of Python Projects (already seems to be in place, haven’t tested thoroughly)
* Auto indent
* Auto completion (or known as code completion)
* Syntax highlighting (already in place)
* Python debugging

So, all in all, this shall be very exciting to work on and I take Wingware’s WingIDE for Python as a role model for now. Of course, I’d want Anjuta to be even better than WingIDE, so I will make all possible efforts.

My present task seems to be getting a firm understanding of the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) of the Python package, that will help me implement the auto completion feature. Auto indent shall be just simple parsing of indent spaces, might not pose much of a challenge. When all seems set and ready, debugging could be implemented/tested thoroughly.

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